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IMAKA, which means "You Are Beautiful", is derived from the Igbo dialect of southeastern Nigeria. Our main mission is to inspire women of all ages and creeds to recognize and embrace their inner beauty, by allowing it to be expressed into outer beauty through fashion and beauty-care.

We deeply want to encourage women to overcome the negative stigma of “societies’ standards” of beauty, and embrace everything that makes them individually special and unique from the inside-out while looking great!

The Special Missions Collection 

The Special Missions Collection is a line of exclusive head wraps. All proceeds from this line are donated to support the needs of missionaries in countries around the world ,who cannot provide for themselves.

Hi, I'm Chanel Oji, thanks for having an interest in Imaka!


My vision behind Imaka was inspired by my experience growing up. Living in a city as diverse as Houston, TX there was still an underlying stigma associated with being African, let alone Nigerian. I felt African culture wasn't always embraced or considered as "cool" as it is today. It was tough having to deal with the feeling of being misplaced however, it allowed me to learn to accept and celebrate the fact that I am different, and that's okay!


I created Imaka to be a platform to share a piece of my culture and inspire women to combat the stigma of social acceptance, by feeling confident in diversity. I want women to unapologetically embrace and express every part of them that sets them apart through culture, fashion, and beauty.


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