IMAKA collaborates with the brilliantly talented Chikere Nnaji

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It was truly a pleasure to collaborate with the brilliantly talented Chikere Nnaji. You may recognize him from his work on social media platforms such as instagram, facebook, and youtube as "300cane" & "Alternative Facts Sports". Without further due, we present to you the "Beautiful Struggle Collection"

The Beautiful Struggle Collection

Nigeria; typically referred to as the “Giant of Africa” largely due to it being the most populous country on the continent of Africa with over 200 million people. Two constants in this beautiful country are hunger and hustle. With dreams and hopes for a better tomorrow, Nigerians simply can’t wait for tomorrow in the midst of today.


This collection embodies the true spirit and soul of Nigerians everywhere from the perspective of Nigeria, home. This is what weathering a daily storm looks like. The Beautiful Struggle  is a story that illustrates how a group of people can wake up everyday, without  feeling sorry for themselves, but embrace the beauty in their Struggle.


-Chikere Nnaji

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